Nok mini Fleet


Nok mini is an eco-friendly airline. We strongly recommend your usage of e-ticketing for all references. No paper tickets are issued to save on paper and prevent trees from being cut down unnecessarily. Your booking number is sufficient to retrieve your booked journey. Please help to preserve our environment and slow down global warming.

Our flight is planned with relatively low altitude so that our pilots can spot and report forest fires, floods etc. Our plane is propelled by low noise Pratt & Whitney engine, emitting 90 dB of noise pollution, a noise level comparable to a bus.

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan


Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, the famous aircraft used for commuting and sight-seeing purposes around the world is chosen for Nok mini’s fleet. With a track record of safety and reliability, thanks to a Pratt and Whitney engine, Grand Caravan is the best air vehicle for today’s commuting and transportation purposes. With low altitude flight profile, the aircraft could also provide a splendid panoramic view, the truly unseen, along the route.

Aircraft Type : Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (12 seats)

General Information

  • Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft company USA.
  • Engines: Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-114A
  • Model: Cessna 208B : Grand Caravan
  • Seat Configuration : 12 passengers + 2 PilotsDimensions
  • Plane Length : 12.7 meters
  • Wing Span : 15.9 meters
  • Height : 4.7 metersEngine Performance
  • Power Engine : 675 SHP
  • Range (10,000 ft.) : 907 nautical miles
  • Cruise speed : 184 knts.
  • Certified Service Ceiling : 25,000 feetThe Grand Caravan is the most rugged, most reliable, and the roomiest single engine aircraft built today. There are over 1,500 of these aircraft operating all over the world with an astounding 7,000,000 flight hours. Safety and reliability are directly related to the equipment which guides the aircraft. The state of the art avionics insure the safest possible operation in any weather condition. The simple but rugged overall design has conventionally operated controls. There is no need for a hydraulic system because of its fixed gear. Additional redundant systems allow for controllability even in the event of a system failure. All these features allow the aircraft to boast a dispatch reliability rate consistently in excess of 99.8 percent.

Grand Caravan gives you more comfort and value than any other propjet aircrafts manufactured today. Baggage space, an external 111 cubic foot cargo partitioned to prevent shifting, is enormous with ample room for nearly 600kg of luggage and supplies. Combine these figures with short take off and landing capabilities, Caravan is the best utility aircraft today.

With a high wing design concept, Cessna Grand Caravan is one of the best aircraft for aerial sightseeing. Passengers will witness panoramic views of the routes from altitudes of 3000 to 10000 feet through personal big side windows.

Our pilots usually provide passengers with flight narration describing the beautiful places we fly over. Our team is always concerned for your safety; therefore safety belts are to be fastened during flights. Our pilots or ground staff will inform all passengers of when to board or disembark from the aircraft.

Our aircraft contains 12 passenger seats plus two pilots at the controls at all times. There will be no cabin crew or assigned seating aboard our short flights. Our seat configuration is 4 rows of 3 seats, each with sufficient space for relaxation, but a window seat is always best for admiring the scenery. All your checked luggage is kept underneath in four spacious cargo pods.