Welcome to Nok Mini Airlines


Nok mini is the commuter airline that provides connection and feeder air services to beautiful small towns with low traffic demand (low density routes). These charming destinations, where large airlines no longer have interest to fly due to a low number of passengers or other challenging conditions (such as mist, short runways, etc), are target destinations for Nok mini.

Nok mini assumes flight frequency suitable to serve these potential communities, and provides transfer options apart from time consuming and uncomfortable ground services. Since commuter airlines specialize in serving small cities, emphasis is placed on flight frequency rather than aircraft size. We currently operate 12 seat airplanes and our flight time ranges from 20 minutes to less than one hour.

Nok mini flights are scenic and pleasant by nature thanks to relatively low flight altitude, the gorgeous Thai landscape and some gifts for you. If you are traveling for the first time with us you will receive a luxury gift thanks to our partner “The Eternity Rose“. We look at ourselves as a reliable companion who takes you to charming destinations around the region.

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